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requests Using asynchronous requests has its own problems An asynchronous request doesn t wait for the response and returns control to the JavaScript When running tests, asynchronous requests are a problem because tests are executed sequentially, not concurrently When writing Ajax and REST code, use the following rule of thumb: use asynchronous requests for applications, and use synchronous requests for testing Getting back to the example function testPrototype, each test function must indicate whether or not the test was successful This is required because when the test manager runs all tests, the next test will run only when the current test was successful In the example, a success is when the method testManagersuccess is called Calling the method failed indicates a failure, and the method waiting indicates that the test involves multiple steps and needs to wait for an answer before determining success or failure.

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If you are having an issue with a specific virtual directory, you can delete it using this command:

Believe it or not, just by making these changes within MediaGrabber, you may already have modified the capabilities of native applications. If you have access to a simulator or device with software version 4.7 or later, try taking a picture or navigating to a media file. Press the Menu key. Scroll around. There s the new command! RIM has rewritten most

Remove-OwaVirtualDirectory "owa (Default Web Site)"

of its native apps to check for CHAPI registration and add all matches it finds. Figure 8-6 shows what this looks like on the Storm.

The preceding command uses the owa virtual directory, but it could have used Exchange, Public, Exchweb or Exadmin as well. To re-create the directory, use the following command (again replacing owa in the quoted portion of the command with the specified virtual directory you are re-creating:

Moving on, in the example HTML source code file, the method testManagersetTestCases associates the tests with the test manager The test manager iterates through all of the tests defined in the variable testsToRun and creates a proxy that is an encapsulation to the originally defined method You can read more about this in 2 When running tests, don t reference the variable testsToRun, but rather the test manager variable testManager After the test manager method setTestCases completes initialization, you can execute the tests In the example HTML source code, tables (<table>) are dynamically defined to contain references to the tests The first table contains buttons used to execute the tests as a group or individually To run all of the tests, call the method testManagerrunAll() To run an individual test, execute the method testManager[testname] The second table is used for generating the logging output.

New-OwaVirtualDirectory -OwaVersion "Exchange2007 -Name "owa (Default Web Site)"

ConnectionNotFoundException. You may encounter an IOException in a variety of situations, such as if networking is disabled when your app requests a network connection.

Because a virtual directory is just that, virtual, you will not encounter any problems from deleting it, except that while it is offline your clients who use it will not be able to connect to the server. Note that when you re-create the virtual directory, you will need to go into IIS and customize the permissions as defined by your organization s security policy before using the virtual directory again. The ability to delete virtual directories or, more importantly, to create new ones is a great help when troubleshooting connectivity issues. After you ve created a new virtual directory, before you customize permissions, test Entourage. Then, after you customize the permissions, test Entourage again. Or, you may want to create an entirely new virtual directory without deleting the existing one during testing. Because Exchange, Public, Exchweb and Exadmin are not native to Exchange 2007, you would actually replace Exchange2007 with Exchange2003or2000 for those directories. So if you wanted to re-create Exadmin, for example, you would use the following command

Let s first test the redirection and addition, as illustrated by the following code snippet Source: /jaxson/trunk/website/ROOT/calculator/testcontracthtml var entityURL = ""; var testsToRun = { testVerifyAdd : function(){ info( "testVerifyAdd", "Running testVerifyRedirection first"); testsToRuntestVerifyRedirection(); info( "testVerifyAdd", "Finishing running testVerifyRedirection"); var state = new Object(); statenumber1 = 1; statenumber2 = 2; var buffer = JSONstringify( state); info( "testVerifyAdd", "JSON Buffer (" + buffer + ")"); var request = new Synchronous(); requestcomplete = function( statusCode, statusText, responseText, responseXML) { var response = JSONparse( responseText); info( "testVerifyAddcomplete", "Add Result (" + responseText + ")"); assertEquals( "JSON result", 3, responseresult); testManagersuccess( "addTest"); } requestpost( entityURL, "application/json", bufferlength, buffer);.

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